20+ years designing a diverse range of interiors,
from elite urban residences and country retreats throughout the U.S., to high-end commercial environments around the world.

Work featured in leading decorating and design publications, including The New York Times,
Elle Decor, HGTV, and prominent Designer Showhouses and Home Tours.


  • Winner, International Design Competitions
    • Galleries Lafayette, Paris
    • Christian Dior (prototype boutique)
  • HGTV Top 10
  • Jessica Cosgrave Award of Achievement,
            Finch College Alumnae


  • Ralph Lauren
  • Evelyn & Leonard Lauder
  • Christian Dior
  • Carolyne Roehm
  • Saks Fifth Avenue


  • Creating, collecting and enjoying art
  • Four wonderful sons
  • 19th Century French piano music


  • The Walker Group
  • Naomi Leff & Associates
  • Paula+Martha Interior Design
  • Finch College, BS Fine Arts, Art History
  • NY School Interior Design, Architectural Interior Design
  • Family of artists, designers and musicians